October 9th, 2006



Sitting here bleaching my hair. I had it shaved last week, and I usually bleach it the same day, so it looks a little less brutal, but I really couldn't be bothered. Still can't, but I'm doing it so I can make an entry on my bloody CBT chart to show  stirrings of self-esteem. Yeh, right...
Wotan isn't eating much, which is a worry. It also makes it harder to slip him his meds. Some days he really eats with dog-like gusto, though. He seems OK, otherwise, touch wood.
Drawing a bit, if very badly. I can only hope this is 'better' than not doing anything at all.I have a vague feeling that I'm incubating some sort of project...I know there are several topics I want to work on. I hope I percolate into action soon.
Watched THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN with Marlene Dietrich driving men insane in an astounding  succession of extraordinary 'Spanish' costumes. Tape ended at the very last minute, though... Did she escape to Paris with Caesar Romero? 'Bad' women like that usually have to get killed  for excessive enjoyment of sex, and craftily ripping off lechers, in old films.
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