October 6th, 2006



The actor Tom Bell died on the opening night of the BENT revival. He'd starred in the original West End run, years ago. I was also watching him  swirling his toga camply on TV, at the time. I thought he looked and sounded a bit odd. Perhaps he wasn't well. Poor old soul. he was a good, solid actor, particularly in sinister / surly roles; memorably creepy as the gruesomely whacked Jack McVittie in THE KRAYS.RIP. . . 
I'm cutting gym already, on the second day of my 'repentance'! Not entirely my fault, though. I'm stuck waiting for dreary phone calls, etc. Instead, I'm defrosting the fridge, which is going to take all day. (It's finally got so bad that I can't close the freezer compartment.) God, I'm lame. I guess it must be at least a year since I've performed this basic chore. I wish the HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE  harpies would come around and sort me out. I just can't get motivated on my own.
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