September 30th, 2006


Right Peculiar...

Feeling stranger than usual; I keep getting a weird sort of electric *twinge*  up the right side of my face,  as far as  my forehead...something to do with the bad tooth that's still festering away a year after the Dental Hospital said I'd have to wait nine months for treatment? It's very disturbing, but the sort of thing you can't really explain to  GPs  without them clicking their tongues and looking very tired. I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome, too, and some sort of very painful crippling-when-it-hits neck pain.  Feh.
Lots of bad news about, as well, family, friends of friends...General doominess.

The ICA Comic stuff looks good; doubt if I'll be partaking, though.

I'm rather curious about the Moomin thing. I know nothing of Moomins, myself, but  have observed they seem to be pretty obsession-inducing.
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