September 28th, 2006


Ho Hum...

It turned out there were two fatalities in the crane crash the other day. Bad stuff. It could have been a lot worse, though. All the people in the damaged block of flats survived.
Feeling sleepy, as usual. Much to do, of course.
Dozed off  watching the LOST finale the other night, which spurred semi- dreams...Worried Hurley gazes out at flotilla of 'small ships'. It goes all blurry and you can see a water-skiing RedSkull/Rawhead Rex type, leading the invasion. Apart from that, I recall the 'return' of someone called Desmond,who I don't remember at all, freaking-out Locke and Eko battling in the Hatch about the Button,Boring Girl With Baby and Charlie seeming  to be back on good terms, as  she comments on a strange lavender sky phenomenon, which I definitely missed. Dr Jack,' Freckles' and Sawyer have been captured, and are having bags put over their heads, as it ends. Now, I have to catch the bloody repeat  and try to figure out how much of that was 'real'. LOST is worse than BIG BROTHER.  You know it's dumb, and rubbish and everything, not to mention being usually fairly dull, yet somehow you are utterly compelled to watch it .
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