September 20th, 2006


Yawwn, Snuffle...

Wish something pleasantly interesting would happen. *Sigh*

This morning Betty the spambot emailed to say how handsome she thinks I am, and that she would like to have fun, fun, fun with me.
Saw a really frightening ch 5 'documentary' the other night, about owners of Real Dolls. You gotta give 'em credit for having the courage to discuss their 'relationships' , I suppose, but I'm sure I'll have nightmares.
One guy, in his 50's, who if he'd had any dress sense, might have been attractive-looking, in a distressed gentlefolky way, also proudly displayed his collection of framed photos of his late mother.
Another was a spooky-looking DELIVERANCE/trailer-trash yokel type, who thought Real Dolls were better than women, because they didn't give you no lip. 
Another enthusiast had EIGHT of them, so must have been very wealthy;big pool and everything, too. He invited his RL girlfriend around for a birthday party, to meet two of the harem, who were sitting splay-legged on the sofa in lurid ho'-clothes that he enjoyed shopping for. RL girlfriend maintained that she didn't have a problem with it at all, but wisely scarpered a week later.