September 14th, 2006


"Cheese & Crackers Got All Muddy"

I am grumpy and oh, so tired. The atmosphere continues hang heavy over me like a wet smelly duvet. Gah!
Returned to therapy after B's emergency leave. The place was really crowded today, with lots of 'mad'-looking people (like me-) and I had to wait ages.
The CBT thing is so boring and difficult. Fucking stupid ANTs and stuff. Can't be arsed. I'm quite diligent about it, though.
Watched THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN:APOCALYPSE when I got home.My feet hurt from clumping around a lot.
The charming Northcote Road is under threat from grasping landlords, and may be going the way of all high streets. At present, it's still full of tiny independent shops and beckoning cafes, all too expensive for the likes of me to patronise regularly, but it's so nice to just mosey round there.
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