September 10th, 2006


Hot, Hot, Hot...

It's seemed dreadfully hot, to me, even though it was only about 22, these past few days. The sun seems hideously strong. Today's gonna be vile, and tomorrow...Bah.My sheer peevishness and discontent is making me feel even sweatier.
The recently burnt out 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' kiosk downstairs has a couple of new signs, depicting crudely painted black roosters (usually indicating Portuguese ownership, for some reason) standing proudly amidst weird attempts at their available foodstuffs, supposedly ribs, kebabs, etc. This pleases me in its eccentricity.
In all the years I have lived here, I can't imagine anyone daring to eat anything from that grimy little hole, unless they'd just staggered starving out of the jungle, or something. It's so peculiar, though, I like it being there.
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    Jimmie Rodgers: MULESKINNER BLUES