August 30th, 2006



Got caught up in a bidding frenzy on Ebay, and ended up spending £20 for 6 old Classics Illustrated. I didn't expect it to go that high, yeh, and thought if I put in a high bid, I'd do well, when nobody tried to top it.. Oy! Still, they'd cost a lot more in a shop, but then, of course, I wouldn't have bought them, 'cos I'd feel like I was spending 'real' money...etc.
I really *have* to get a good vacuum cleaner, too. I'll have to do it from a catalogue. Are 'Henry's actually as good as they're made out? This place is a mess. I need to be able to clean properly.
Oh me, oh my...
Heyyyyy! New SOPRANOS tomorrow night. (Happy dance-)
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