August 15th, 2006


What To Do...

I should be forcing myself back to the gym. I've lost the bit of muscle tone it took a year to regain. I just don't wanna GO there, waaaaaah!
If I don't,though, I must go to the museum and see that exhibit so I've done something with the day, although, of course, I can't really afford it. Uh.
I always used to dislike 'rapidograph' type pens, but lately, I find myself sketching with them all the time. Odd. I still can't be arsed to use the ones you have to refill from bottles, though.
I'm slowly reading some celebrity biogs (Janis Joplin, Michael Redgrave-)
I haven't yet finished VAN GOGH BLUES, which I started in Serbia! It's a bit too CBT-ish. I'm sorry, but I think my Automatic Negative Thoughts are hardwired. I can do the exercises OK, but there's no feeling that they might help, no faith.Fap.
Interesting BIG BROTHER manifestation. So far, both Aisleyne and Glyn have expressed tearful reluctance to return to the 'real' world. They like living in brightly coloured squalour, sharing a dorm bedroom,having to do humiliating 'tasks',bereft of all media, books, writing materials,etc. with a bunch of incompatible strangers who are now their 'family'. I tell ya, that programme really makes you wonder about a lot of things.
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