August 12th, 2006


I Need Sectioning...

I found myself thinking in a rather sexual fashion about ginger geekboy (about 20!) 'Bradley Brannen' on EASTENDERS last night, Slightly belated full moon frenzy, perhaps...
This weather suits me fine, anyhow, I've been functioning a bit better, today, although I still haven't started that faffy CBT stuff.
There seem to be a lot of fights going on around here lately, and even more sirens than usual.
Selina and Jay very kindly sent me some spare CAPTION programmes. Wow;really nice looking! The A5 format is most suitable for toting around, too.
BIG BROTHER was entertaining as expected. Hyperventilating, shrieking Nikki definitely has a 'career' waiting for her as the new Jade. If she gets handled well, I think she can milk it for some time, and set herself up for life. Pete is actually talented,so they should be OK.Their puppyish reunion ecstasy was delightful, you just can't help going 'Ahhhh!' Aisleye had a fine 'Noooooooo!' blubfit as Imogen was at long last evicted. (Yay!)
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