August 3rd, 2006


Lust For Consumer Goods...

I went into T-MAXX at Clapham Junction for a browse, and saw loads of stuff I wanted immediately. A nice fat lady statue for £6.00, "Clearance", a very nice pair of trainers usually about £70 for £24, many nice, big bags, and the cream of the criop; a really light, soft all-cotton 'patchwork' quilt, with blues predominating, for £34. Now I want, even need that ,desperately.  I could bite myself in  'buy-it' frenzy. I heroically controlled it, but oh boy...I did spend a 'virtual' £37 today, but that was on Wotan's meds.
BIG BROTHER housemates are getting grumpy, especially Mikey.There's a chance to get rid of him, Imogen or Susie this week. Can't be bad...the sacrificial victim will probably be Jenny. though. I think Glyn may be posessed, his gormless lil' face is starting to look a bit evil. Maybe it's just the hangovers.
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    Cab Calloway: MINNIE THE MOOCHER