August 2nd, 2006


Cat Strangeness...

In the night, Wotan started acting nervy, and ran up and down the hall a few times, hollering and a bit puffed up, evidently 'seeing' something. I was afraid he was about to have a fit, but he appeared more or less OK. He did it for a while again this morning.
Now it's a fairly ordinary cat phenomenon, that 'seeing ghosts' stuff, but he hasn't done it in ages. I wonder if it's the change in the weather and wind, a good sign, that he's acting 'normal' and youthful, or a Bad Sign of some sort...?
I am determined to get some artwork done today, but I feel incredibly lethargic. No excuse,it's not really hot any more.
I meant to tape WOLF CREEK last night, but bloody got it wrong, and only got the last five minutes and a load of ROME,OPEN CITY which I've seen and not particularly liked. Feck!
Dreamed I was in Serbia, getting lost on grubby trains, and trying to help a vague-featured UK or US young backpacker who had been robbed; all very fraught and frustrating. Oh well, better than dreaming about planks and tiles, but I'd like to put in an order for some jolly sex romps with dishy film stars in glam locations, please.
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