August 1st, 2006



Instead of feeling perkier now that the weather has improved a bit, I just feel exhausted and vaguely ill. My bad tooth is starting to twinge, too. Uh-oh...I'm still sneezing and mucous-loaded, so perhaps I do have some kind of summer cold. Bum.
I watched PAVEE LACKEEN, which was OK-ish, a bit worthily dull.The thick traveller-talk isn't always easy to follow, either.

Just saw a news item about an old codger who deliberately bounced a cheque to have his heart operation privately, instead of risking his life by waiting at least nine months to get it on the NHS.
Of course, he done wrong, if everyone did that. blah blah blah...but who's to say they wouldn't do the same in similar circumstances? I think I very well might.
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