July 18th, 2006


London When It Sizzles (And Stinks)...

Ohhhhh, my anguished body,oh my boiling brain! It's just no good...The dirty smudge of pollution along the horizon this morning bodes no good fer man nor beast.
Annoyance: Another copy of STRANGE CHILD OF CHAOS arrived this morning. I must have managed to order twice,somehow. Now I have to faff about returning it to Amazon, which seems a very major undertaking at the moment.
Shamefulness: I bought HEAT today, to indulge my Nikki BB obsession-er, for research purposes...
Sadness: R Next Door's remaining elderly rabbit hasn't eaten since Thursday. She's way distressed about it;has to take it to Blue Cross in the morning. They can't figure out what the problem is at the local vet, without the usual exorbitant tests, and she's not insured. Damn. It's a nice rabbit, but it is old, and they seem kind of delicate things in many ways.
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