July 14th, 2006


Depressive Monty Don...

On DESERT ISLAND DISCS the gardening guy Mony Don talked about his intense sufferings from depression, and I  felt quite admiring of him. His descriptions of feelings very familiar to me were spot-on, but not at all whiny.
It's a shame more 'pull yourself together'-type people don't listen to Radio 4. 
I know it must be a difficult thing to understand if you've never experienced clinical depression, but so many quite intelligent people are still so dismissive of it as lead-swinging, self-indulgence,etc. 
Monty D also pleasantly surprised me by selecting Son House's recording of JOHN THE REVELATOR, a great favourite of mine, as one of his desert island numbers. Right on!
I'm actually drawing a bit today, thank God, and, heaven help me, quite looking forward to tonight's BIG BROTHER eviction. The most boring ones are Susie, Michael. Imogen and Jennie, I reckon, although the latter might still perk up. So one of them should go.
Nice day, actually. This is proper summer weather, if we have to have summer at all...
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    Son House: DEATH LETTER

Oh My Gooooohd!!!!!

They've bloody well evicted Nikki! How utterly ridic! Her weird face-scrunchings and regressive tantrums are riveting. It will be very boring without her...She's cracking up spectacularly, though, shrieking robotically about not being able to go out without her silver belt on, etc. See her meet the mob in half an hour...