July 12th, 2006



I still can't seem to get anywhere with comics, although I have lots of ideas. Grump. I really must try and do my  BIG BROTHER CAPTION  remix thing, though. I guess 'Krank Komix'  isn't gonna make it. I may have enough for a solo book, but no money to print it. Yah...
On the plus side, fingers crossed, it does look like I'm gonna have some old  INNER CITY PAGANs  compiled into an e-book. No money, of course, apart from 'royalties' (Yeh, that should  finance my seaside retreat!) but it will get me more substantially online, without costing me anything. If it actually happens, it probably won't be until next year.
I'm annoyed about that Norman Treigle book having no illustrations. I wanted to see what his parents looked like, and stuff like that. (Apparently the whole family  was ghastly pale with dark-ringed eyes!) I actually saw his second wife in the theatre foyer, once and have a very vague idea of what she looked like.
It's going to get really hot again, isn't it? Feck.
Oh yeah, last night I dreamed about 'Father Ted'. 
Oh yeah again , and it's also the 12th of July. (Big Lambeg BOOM!)  I read something about all the old murals in Belfast being covered over, and replaced with nice peaceful pictures. I think they should keep at least some of  them , personally. Not that I approve of deranged sectarian strife, but I really think stuff like that should be preserved for its historical value like all those amazing old Commie colossal statues, etc.
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