July 10th, 2006


Just Not Right...


THE MIGHTY BOOSH  revamped for 'American Audiences'...?!! They cannot be serious, man! Actually, I've never seen the point of  these weird transatlantic adaptations. They're often exactly the same, apart from depicting local environments, and the odd bit of slang, or whatever, and they almost invariably suck. It's especially dumb nowadays, when the usually-superior original shows are usually so easily available on DVD, etc.
I really hate to think of what  might happen to BOOSH and NIGHTY NIGHT, but I guess the original creators will get pots of money out of it, anyhow.
Still more disturbing news has come my way from the US.  I wonder if my sister's marriage is gonna survive having the mad mother installed and requiring constant attention. Heaven help us all... If any generous gods happen to be looking down, this is definitely  the time for me to win the bloody Lotto. Come on, you celestials, show some compassion.
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