July 1st, 2006


Ohhhh, God...

It's too hot, and we're doomed to lots more, it seems. Oh, the anguish...I started out to go to Bethnal Green again, yesterday, but didn't make it. The sensible thing would be to use the tube, but just couldn't face it. Bleh.
Oh well, Rose dies tonight, ha ha. (Actually, I somehow doubt it will be that final, but it should be interesting, anyway.)
I guess everyone in the world is watching the football. It's amazingly silent around here, like Christmas. Of course, it's too hot to walk the streets, as well.
I don't think the latest  BIG BROTHER wheeze (five new housemates in a parallel dwelling-) is such a good idea, actually. You can only get into so many attention-seeking loons, and I always find it gets more interesting as the numbers are reduced. The newbies all look fairly boring, as well. Must say I'd rather like to be enlightened on the subject of  'Tantric masturbation', though. The new gay lad, who sticks his tongue out all the time (channeling Kali?) professes to be an adept, and has quite a few other esoteric interests. Snerk.
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Poor Old Enger-land...

I happened to see the penalty shoot-out  while awaiting DR WHO. (Eeeee, it's a two-parter, with cybermen, daleks and Derek Acorah!), and I have to admit, I felt a  wee bit tearful. Poor little football mens, with their sexy legs,suffering in the horrid heat and blowing it, in excruciatingly tense circumstances. Another year of hurt, eh?...Becks looks very pretty all crestfallen and melancholy. When he's exultant, somehow his dimness shows distractingly through the beauty .
There's a thriving Portuguese community around here, so there's a fair bit of horn-honking and dancing in the streets going on, while  England supporters  skulk and grizzle in the shade. No fistfights or glassings, so far...
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