June 27th, 2006


Cabin Fever...

I wish there were a cafe or something around here where you could just mooch around and sketch/write/gawp  for a couple of hours,  without spending much, or being hassled. There are so few nice, relaxed  hangouts nowadays. The Tea Rooms des Artistes down the road used to be like that about 20 years ago... You could buy a pot of tea and just sit  there, feeling all Left Banky and getting 'inspiration'. It feels stale just skulking in the fermenting flat all the time. 
I guess I'm officially an old lady now, btw, as the whole gaff smells of cat pee, since poor Wotan started having fits. I can't always find the source.
I watched ALEXANDER, the other night, and it really wasn't all that bad. The battle scenes were excellent, and as a general spectacle, it was OK, actually. I still fail to see the point of Colin Farrell, though, and he looks even more of a knob with blond hair.
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    Klaus Nomi: Purcell's COLD SONG