June 26th, 2006


Waching The Days Go By With Kermit...

Thanks to dickon_atom     
I have had the rare and excellent pleasure of starting the day with a chortle:


...And a dreary old day it looks like being, too. Whenever I say anything to the effect that Wotan seems to be doing well, he almost immediately throws a fit; two yesterday, including one of the dreaded wake-you-in the night variety. Excruciating. 
Reports from my sister are pretty grim, too. She's barely sleeping at all, as she has to get the mammy to the loo several times during the night, make sure she doesn't sleepwalk during her hallucinatory episodes and fall, etc. etc. How long can this go on?
As usual, the old one sounds as 'normal' as she ever did, on the phone, apart from confusing my sister and me (which she often did, anyway-) and thinking she's in Melbourne. According to the sib, though, she comprehends very little most of the time,and has to be fed, have the toothbrush loaded for her, etc. Christ...
'Francesco'  provided a good few embarrassed  sniggers again, last night. The guy's beginning to fascinate me. He's just so cheesily toe-curling. 
Also, he sometimes goes to places a bit off the beaten travel-show track, like to see a pretty amazing statue, 'The Veiled Christ', that I'd never heard of, although it seems to be extremely famous, in Naples.


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Ads On Telly...

The Beck's Beer ad fascinates me. I have to stop what I'm doing and actually watch it when it comes on.

I only realised quite recently that I was misinterpreting the Vauxhall Vectra ad with typical low-mindedness.
This is the one where a group of urchins are playing football, and when they see the Vauxhall Vectra, they excitedly  line up as if to present themselves for inspection. A nasty-looking baldy man gets out and regards them with intent.
I watched this for weeks thinking that he appeared to be a rich perv shopping for his next catamite, and why should this sordid episode make decent folk want to go out and buy a flash car?  I have now been reliably informed that the creepy man is some sort of football manager or summat. I still don't know who he is.