June 24th, 2006


Slumped In Squalour...

I really could do with a proper hoover. 
I need to decorate. No money. Incapable. 
I'm not working well. Not working at all,really. Ah well,at least I got Wotan to take his pheno quite easily this morning, and managed to walk to Costcutters before it got too hot. Hardly a major accomplishment, but better than nowt.
I don't belieeeeve BB voters evicted the amusingly stompyshoutysweary little imp Lisa and kept bland 'Miss Wales'  Imogen in. I guess people want to see if she'll shag Mikey, who after a night of weeping over ousted Grace's photo, started making moves on her.
I think I would like to go to Poland by train, as touted in one of this morning's travel sections. Of course, it costs more than double a cheap plane trip, and I can't afford that. It certainly looks very civilised, stress-free and ecologically sound, though. Mmm, no airport hell...
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