June 23rd, 2006


Um, Yeah, OK...

Early morning dress rehearsal of KING ARTHUR at ENO with <ljuser=helenraven>helenraven</lj>.I
t's an all-music adaptation of Purcell and Dryden by eccentric choreographer Mark Morris. God knows what, if anything, was supposed to be going on, but there were maypole dances, hymns to the seasons, an orgy or two, and a lot of yachting caps; also a great performance by a 'duck ' The music, of course, is delightful. and it isn't overly long. Quite enjoyable, then,in a lightweight way. 
Headed for Tesco's afterwards, to get a posh choc bar for R Next Door.She greatly likes the chocolate, and was once again kindly checking on Wotan for me while I was out. I ended up going to Thornton's instead ; thought I might as well... Hadn't been there in a while, and found to my annoyance that they don't do those little bags of cut-price 'mis-shape' chocs any more. Bah. 


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