June 15th, 2006



Feeling quite drowsy...Getting a full night's sleep is unusal these days, what with the humid (not so hot,now, anyway-) weather and Wotan. I think the meds are definitely making me a bit dozy, too.
Took a load of old shoes to the Mind shop. I don't know how I acquired so many pairs of shoes. There are only a few, mostly sandals, that I ever actually wear.
BIG BROTHER fornication titillation: It appears that the poisonous Grace, in a last-ditch frenzy not to get evicted, has consummated her flirtation with the handsome-but-dopey MCP Mikey, as chortling housemates studied the hump of their shared duvet going up and down.
I also caught up with Peter Jackson's KING KONG. It's very good, if way too long, and it's just not-nor could anything ever be- as good as the 'real' KONG, which, to my taste, is pretty nearly  the perfect movie.
There were some magnificent moments, though ;(brontosaurus stampede; Yeeeha!) the Old Noo Yawk scenes were gorgeous, Jack Black made a very acceptable Denham, and Naomi Watts,quite a touching Ann. 
I missed Charlie ('When we leave this place? Me no like') and found it quite strange to see a youngish, rather sexy 'Skipper Engelhorn'. 
Biggest disappointment was the Skull Island ambiance, and rather lame creepy-diseased looking natives. No real spookiness there. They were all making 'Gollum' noises, too. Hey ho...
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