June 7th, 2006


Effing Football...

I am so utterly , profoundly  sick  of  sodding, pissing football, and it hasn't even started yet...Oh dear God, and Wimbledon's coming too. 
Thank  Heaven for Amazon's cheapest DVD rental option...although I think I'm gonna need more than three this/next  month.
Wotan's latest tests don't reveal anything but that his thyroid level is still a bit high, so I have to continue giving him a double dose, which the insurance doesn't pay for, plus the pheno (ditto-) and...'bring him in again in a couple of months'  which sounds a lot more optimistic than I'd expected. May the gods continue to be merciful. He had a siezure Friday night, and seems a bit odd, at times,(cat senility?)  but otherwise he's been OK; eating, grooming himself, affectionate, and inquisitive as usual, when he's not drugged up.
Getting the dosages right is terribly difficult, of course, and making sure he gets it all.
I think the people on LOST should watch out. That Mr Eko is really Adebisi out of OZ, and is obviously headed for a major psycho rampage. Didja see his face when he decked poor woobies Sawyer  and Mike with that  giant tree branch?
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Good Lord...

Found out today that yet another old mucker has died way before time.
I hadn't been in touch with her for some years. (We'd had a tiff, which i considered minor, but afterwards she really didn't want anything to do with me...)
I sometimes wondered what had become of her, though. I knew her from  Brooklyn days, and she'd had quite a traumatic life;buried two husbands before she was 40, stuff like that...She did come from a fairly well-off family, . and was known for her doll-like looks, which provided a bit of a cushion. She was highly intellectual, too, and  had a talent for befriending prosperous and/or famous people.  I sometimes wondered why she hung out with me, and assumed it was a sort of pretty-girl/ugly friend thing, as we didn't actually have a lot in common. apart from  our devotion to the theatre.
She lived in London for some time after her second widowing, and once or twice, I thought I saw her in the street near Covent Garden, but if it was her, she cut me. 
Evidently she'd  married yet again, to a fellow Libertarian (like I said, we didn't have a lot of common ground, really!)  She couldn't have been older that 65, tops. Shit.
Hot, hot, unpleasantly hot already, and it's gonna be a steaming weekend.
I'd really better try and get shorn tomorrow, although I can ill spare the money.
When I came in  all revoltingly sweaty and kaput from the gym, I found one of those 'We need some more information'  scary, dreary, endless forms to be filled out from DWP. Feck.
Just heard a bulletin about Parliament being shut down because someone started throwing ' a substance' around,  but I gather it's some sort of hoax thing. That will be fun  for the poor sods trying to get home in the heat...which reminds me, the 77A bus, has, for some reason, become the 87, which is mildly discombobulating. Still the same route, though.
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