June 5th, 2006


In Today's Guardian...

Rupert Smith's review of Saturday's excellent DR WHO:
Thank God for Doctor Who (BBC1, Saturday), in which a bunch of butt-ugly aliens started chanting such things as, "We are the legion of the beast!" while Woody from Casualty was possessed by the devil and went on a killing spree. Rose and the Doctor shared a tender moment when they thought they were trapped on a dead planet circling a black hole, and even contemplated getting a mortgage and choosing carpets together. She kissed him on the helmet as he descended into the pit to face the very devil himself, who arose at the end of the episode with some great sepulchral laughter. The alien army, who were called the Ood and looked as if they had long-term cocaine habits, were set to zap everyone with their nose-tentacles. Nobody mentioned football or said, "Dad ... I love you", which justifies the Bafta, in my opinion.

Arf. I may add I was getting seriously scared at points; definitely the creepiest since the Victorian Gas Zombies, who still bother me a bit.
It's gonna get hotter and hotter now. Feck. Well, it had to happen eventually. I need to trade in my Ken Dodd grown-out hair for the Evil Old Bulldyke summer suedehead look now.
Very weird phone 'conversation' with Mad Mother last night.I'm trying to be all 'caring', even knowing what I now know about the Dog's Home Bequest and all. If my sister can know about it and continue to wipe her bum and tend her every whim, I guess I can 'make nice' too. It's all wrong, though... Must say, I do feel genuinely sorry for the MM now, though. Odious as she is, she's still some kinda human, uprooted in her dotage and stuff. Jeez, life truly is a beeeeyitch.
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Longing To Escape...

I've entered yet another one of the competitions I'm always doing (Well, I did win that break in Brussels...) This one's for a two-week cruise. I've always condidered that an extremely dull way to spend a lot of money, but it would be interesting just to see what on earth it's really like.Good cartoon fodder, for sure. Coincidentally, S  yesterday mentioned a wealthy relative who goes on them ,like all the time. Weird...I guess that's what some rich people like to do, though.
Somebody (one ticket-) won EIGHTEEN MILLION on the Lotto Saturday. Oh, it shoulda been me...
Looks increasingly like that East London 'terror' raid  was a bit of a boo-boo. Thank the gods nobody was actually killed this time. Whew! Can you imagine the repercussions? 
It's going to be hard forcing myself to the gym as it gets hotter. The air conditioning there is broken, apart from anything else, and even in the cool weather, it's been ranker than usual. Yetch.
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