June 2nd, 2006


Visit to the Vet...

Wotan has been better the last couple of days, touch wood. I think I've been getting the dosage of phenobarb spread out more efficiently, so he's more 'himself', not all dopey and stoned.
R Next Door kindy helped me get him to the vet for the latest blood test and claw-clipping (£65!) God help me, ya know. This money doesn't exist. La la la...
His heart's still going fast, but she seemed pretty satisfied with his condition. Results next week.
Sooo, that's a relief, for now, and what more can we hope for?
Weird sort of day. Didn't go to the gym, because of the vet thing. Can't cope with more than one horror at a time.
I'm ravenous for junk food, now, and if I had any money I'd order a pizza, so isn't God good to make me penniless?
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