May 28th, 2006


Random Grunts...

Saw the 'Dominick Hide' plays again on BBC4. I remember finding them delightful a quarter of a bleeding century ago, and they're still sweetly charming.
Of course, the cruel ravages-of-time business is always distressing.(Dewy cherub boy Peter Firth is now a rather Churchilian old baldy git, etc.)
...Even I was youngish then.
Life, eh? What on earth is the point? There better be a Beyond, and they better have answers, dammit.

DESERT ISLAND disks has been abysmal beyond belief, the last few weeks. Darcey Bussel, some tycoony type called Digby (the worst!), and the Leader of the Conservative Party all have the most staggeringly bad taste in music. Horrifying.
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    Bryan Adams: EVERYTHING I DO (Nooooo!)


Just saw that advert where a trio of Guinness- bibbers are transported back through time until they end up as baffled mudskipper-things, to THE RYTHYM OF LIFE. I don't suppose they're allowed to show that in America.