May 22nd, 2006



Spoilers needed badly: The last thing I remember was the cops taking his wife away.
Was it the little 'assistant', or the bent cop, maybe?
It was fair to middling tosh, and I really would like to know how it turned out. Must say, though, that I still fail to comprehend Mr. Farrell's much-reported erotic magnetism. Ew.

My mad mother has been taken upstate by the valiant sibling. It really doesn't look as though she will ever be able to live independently again. She's able to act 'normal' for short periods in social exchanges with neighbours, etc.,and curiously, is able to read and evidently enjoy 'cosy' murder mysteries, but she spends a lot of time hallucinating.
Looking back, she may have been even worse than we thought, for much longer than we thought. Seriously, she's always been so bizarre in her views, etc. that it was virtually impossible to tell just how detached from 'reality' she was, all along. I guess it's genetic,too, and hope my delusions are at least pleasanter than hers seem to be. I feel an extra burden of guilt about her condition, too, but honestly, I don't think that anyone who wasn't actually living with her could have seen through her presentation...and anyone actually living with her, would soon be totally bughouse, as well. Christ have mercy on my poor sister and her husband.
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Shabazz (BIG BROTHER) has gone mad already. I actually would have thought Nikki or Lea would have popped first. He's gone, though. Last seen talking to himself and hiding all the food while the other dillweeds sleep. Arf! (He's been sent to Coventry you see, due to his being the most annoying person in the House, despite quite a bit of competition.)