May 17th, 2006



Battling my block, as usual, even with all the stimulus I've had from Serbia and the stuff I brought back. I feel totally stalled, physically feeble and mentally dull.Pflub.
I managed to get a bit of sorting-out done today, but that's pretty sad, considering that I'm now fortunate enough to have plenty of time at my disposal, if nothing else.
I guess everybody else is into football frenzy,tonight. Oh well, LINE OF BEAUTY looks good. I've not read the book.
Quite amusing, BTW, to see the DA VINCI CODE people dodging the brickbats at Cannes. Actually, I should think it would be better as a film, than the book. Of course, that isn't saying much, but that kind of tosh often makes a pacey, fun film. Maybe not this time, though. Sophie Marceau looked like she had a lemon stuck up her arse. I didn't notice Paul Bettany in the lineup, actually. Did he escpe somehow? Serena looked very amused, as usual. I want that poster of him as Magneto that I've been seeing on bus shelters; 'Visionary or Murderer?' S'cool...
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