May 16th, 2006


Inner Worlds Outside...

Went to the Whitechapel on the hateful 25 bendy bus. They're new, but always so dirty; has that got something to do with how people detest them? It didn't catch fire, at least.
I got my full discount with no problems, and it was a good show.
Actually, I was most impressed with some little pieces by artists I wasn't familiar with, especially Margery Penfold's two wee 'Despair' watercolours, and Adolf Schendel's 'Toad Pond:Full Moon'.
I find Albert Louden's weird domestic psychodramas intriguing, and I like Sava Sekulik a lot.
There was a slideshow of creatively enhanced environments, and Bruno Weber's really blew me away. Very spooky, rich and strange.

Here are some supersize URLS to see some of this cool stuff.

I can't say I find Madge Gill's endlessly repeated patterns and faces all that compelling, but I'd certainly have liked to have a chat with her. (She was a medium, among other things.)
It also baffles me how people like Sean Molloy and Augustin Lesage manage to produce these teeny weeny incredibly elaborate mandala-like things.Admirable, but just plain nuts, to me.
I'd never seen any of Henry Darger's really large pieces, and some of them were impressive; gorgeous colours. There was also a more basic pencil sketch of a brute strangling a little girl (one of Darger's recurrent themes-) that was pretty full-on and effective. Strange old dude...
Very enjoyable, all in all.
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