May 15th, 2006


Purring on the PC...

No sign of Wotan this morning. I grimly resigned myself to the crawled-under-the-bed-and-died scenario, got dressed, ready to take the corpse to the vet, prayed not to be disgacing myself with hysterics, etc, and commenced to search all the nooks and crannies...Then he strolled out of the 'bags' cupboard in the sitting room, and yelled robustly for service. He seems much better balanced, now, and has managed to get to his forbidden but favourite perch, shedding into the vents on top of the monitor. Damn, I love that cat.
Had dreams about rampaging elephants, due, no doubt to an OD of rather dull stuff about Hannibal on TV, if Hannibal can be made dull they did it last night.
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