May 12th, 2006


Evil Hayward Gallery...

I asked for 'Concession' and displayed my bus pass. I was given an OAP 50p discount instead of dolescum £4.00! I thought it was wrong, but didn't dare argue, as I wasn't carrying 'appropriate documentation'. Feck! I couldn't afford that, needless to say.
Looking on the 'bright', side, there was an extremely cool poster of Fantomas looming spookily over Paris for a tenner, which I liked so much I would have been tempted to lash out on, if I hadn't overspent already.
Even if you have to pay the full £7.50, though,UNDERCOVER SURREALISM is a cracking show.It takes up the whole ground floor, divided into little rooms crammed with neat,crazy stuff. Don't skip the excellent slideshow of images from DOCUMENTS, and the obscure film clips reel.Funny, they used to show GREEN PASTURES, which is full of good music, on TV a lot when I was a kid, but I guess it's considered racist, or patronising nowadays. I think it's a shame to ditch interesting films like that. They don't sweep old movies under the carpet that portray women as physically weak and dimwitted, nor should they,IMO. Historical,innit?
There are also a lot of good music excerpts on headphones, and I was really getting off on the voudoun rituals. Great stuff.I couldn't listen for too long, though, I'm so suggestible I was just about ready to plop to the floor foaming and twitching, possessed by Damballah or summat.
There were few other punters about, so no waiting, or having your view blocked all the time.Bliss.

I'm still constantly utterly exhausted, and have had to use my stick a lot for fear of just falling over. It was another gorgeous day if you like it hot, and admittedly, it wasn't quite hot enough to be vile; by the river, anyway.
I went home on a 77 whose driver insanely admitted FOUR super-size yuppie pushchairs containing grizzling anklebiters. That's gotta be a record. It was, of course, impossible for anybody to get down the aisle, and quite dangerous.
If they must breed, they could at least get smaller, less ostentatious wheeliethings to thrust their spawn onto public transport with...Or bus drivers could be a bit more sensible/less sadistic.Grrrump!
I rang the vet, and she said Wotan's unsteadiness is probably due to the phenobarbitone. Otherwise, he seems OK.Fingers crossed.
Here's a neat poster site to drool at, complete with the cool Fantomas pic:
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