April 23rd, 2006



Still twingey, and in terror of trying to get my heavy case to the airport, (not to mention those aorta -rupture at 10,000-feet fantasies). I don't even want to go, any more. I feel so guilty and yuck about the situation in New York. My poor sister...Gah.
I don't feel creative. I don't want to be around people, and I'm enfeebled.Can't say the weather's helping much.

Oh well, maybe Sean Bean in his 'Sharpe' suit will cheer me up a bit.
Nice werewolf action on DR WHO last night. Don't think I like Mr Tennant as much as Mr Ecclestone, but he'll do nicely. I would rather he cut the eyepopping down a bit, though.
Just watched an 80's concert I'd taped, with Johnny Cash in a very Grand Old Opry outfit, involving American Eagles with lots of intense
red decoration, on his shoulders and knees(!) Still gotta heart him, though. I still get a bit tearful when I see him, actually. He doesn't belong dead.
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Andy's Gang Horror...


You can actually see clips of Froggy the Gremlin in action here, plunking his magic twanger, plus a couple of hair-raising split-second closeups of the deeply disturbing Midnight and Squeaky. This stuff is way creepy, no wonder I grew up mad, between Catholic School, my deranged parents and ANDY's GANG.
The site above is gigantic, btw, with all sorts of adolescent guff about getting stoned. Yaaay...