April 21st, 2006


Very Bored Indeed...

Annual boiler check today. Oh bliss. They won't give you an actual appointment, but they said it would 'probably' be AM. Hell. I want to go out and buy catfood and cake. I'd even taken painkillers in preparation, so that I wouldn't find myself going 'Unnngh! Ahr!' in the aisles of Sainsbury's.Then I remembered. It's a wait for the boiler man day. Fap.
I seem to be advertising 'Ginny Tonic, Drag Queen UK' among others, on my sidebar thingie. Kewl.
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    Madness: ONE STEP BEYOND


At five o'clock, I gave up on the boilerman, and shifted (Argh! Owcha!) all the junk back into the kitchen corner, which was naturally his cue to appear...I should have tried that at eleven this morning, shouldn't I?
He was a rum boilerman,quite possibly stoned, and I am now convinced he's got it all rigged to blow up.
I never got any cake. I'm not schlepping out to the big supermarkets at this crowded hour, and the dirty dive over the road has no decent cake. CAKE!
God, I'm grumpy.
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