April 19th, 2006



Not sure what to do about the 'Advertising on LJ' thing. Seems like a good idea; way of giving back support, without actually getting a paid account, as I ain't got no money, but lurve LJ...Will probably do it, I guess, maybe.
Last night I got a voicetext message from 'Tom Baker' to inform me that my phone was, indeed, fixed. I felt absurdly pleased by this!
Rang my mother last night. All things considered, she doesn't sound too bad; not hallucinating, anyway. I've heard no more about my sister's health scares, which, I hope, is good news.
Bad news is bruv-in-law had to sell the few shares he had so sib could get a new jalopy to make the next LONG drive down to bloody Long Island. The floor fell out the day after purchase...
I hardly dare say it, but I have a bit less pain this morning. Shhh, fingers crossed!
Hey, David Soul is now a UK citizen! Good for him. When I did it,after all the weary dances you have to go through, they just sent you a certificate.
(I did have do a weird thing in the US Embassy of renouncing my citizenship under very disapproving eyes, marines standing around, etc.Dunno why I couldn't just have dual nationality, but I didn't qualify, for some reason, so fuck 'em...)
Now there's a ceremony here, where you take an oath of allegiance to the Queen or summat and get a cup of tea at the end.Haw.
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