April 17th, 2006


Shuffling Down The Bunny Trail...

Couldn't access LJ or my Hotmail yesterday, for some reason. (Bored people flooding cyberspace?)
Things are dire, anyway. Too depressing to write about, but I'll just mention the fact that my sister, (currently trapped taking responsibility for the mammy, and unable to get her hands on whatever money there may be for hospital fees, etc...)has been summoned back for a third mammogram, and possible further investigation.
A week after my collision with the bollard, I can only get about vereeeee slowwwly, and any cough or sneeze is excruciating.
Sasa reports that the restaurant GRRR! had last year's beano at is utterly flooded, and the lift isn't working at his & Gordana's place, but otherwise it's not all that bad.As for Belgrade, luckily for me, Charles' flatlet is on fairly high ground, as I recall. The whole thing is now looking like just something else to be got through, though.
It may be callous, but I'll have to just try and put the US family situation to the back of my mind, somehow, for the next couple of weeks.It's not as though there was anything I could actually do.
I need to get my butt in gear. All I really desire is sleep, though.
AND there was no good telly all weekend, apart from DR WHO, and a few decent films, (which,unfortunately,I'd already seen-)
The phone still won't work, despite the whole cable checking business. I'll have to attempt to get a BT engineer in, which I suppose will involve £100 or so of nonexistent money.
"I Yam Finishked" says it all. (See Sean Bieri via percyprune )
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Back From Supermarket Hell...

At 13:30, TV offers the Sabu-starring JUNGLE BOOK; soo superior to the cartoon, if equally unfaithful to the original. Sabu really used to enchant me as a kid. I guess I'd never heard an accent like that before.


I keep getting mental flashes of a panel from one of those Bad Comics I used to sneak peeks at in the shops. I guess it must have been CRIME DOES NOT PAY, or similar.
A gurning, shockhaired, boss-eyed maniac in a strait jacket is rolling about on the floor of his padded cell, as you do. "HAHHHHH Ha Ha Haaaa.....!" he says. I remember it as being extremely well-drawn, to my infantile gaze, which made it all the scarier.

Just heard newsflash of the latest from Tel Aviv. Oh boy...'Why can't we all just get along?'
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