April 12th, 2006


Agony, Rage, Despair...

Things look very, very bad in New York. My sister has already been driven half mad by my mother's vicious manipulations, and the power of attorney thing is taking way longer than expected. It's all horrible. Oh well, at least she has a partner for emotional support. I'm totally guilt-crazed, but at this moment, there really is nothing whatever I can do to help. The only thing that really *could* help properly,anyway, is a shitload of money to just put the poor old woman in a very good, comfortable 'home'where she can't harm herself or us. There's no other way to avoid emotional destruction at her hands.She is definitely demented,now, but she still knows how to twist our psyches.
Physically, I feel more gimpy and fucked up than yesterday, which is, like totally paralysed. The practise nurse says it's normal, so there ya go. She didn't seem overly concerned about my speculations on heart/lung rupture, cracked ribs, embolisms waiting to erupt once I get in the air, etc.

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