April 8th, 2006



Latest casualty seems to be my phone, so in the unlikely event of anyone trying to reach me urgently, try texting the mobile, which still has a bit of juice left, I think:
I can't find any reason for the phone to be dead, dead, dead, all plugs in order, etc. I guess it's the object itself, as I'm still online, thank the gods.Just what I fecking needed. I guess its about 6-7 years old, so probably no point in trying to get it repaired.
I'm feeling very drained and emptyheaded; that's more so than usual. I suppose its reaction to the family drama. I certainly feel impotent to the max in my situation, at this distance.
The mammy is currently ensconced in a rehab centre in Glen Cove (posh!) and my sister reports she's being quite vicious and nasty, so is obviously feeling much more herself.
I felt a strong urge to bet on the National, on Inca-whatsis at 40-1. I prudently restrained myself, so if the sod wins, I'm gonna top myself.
I have a lot to do before I go to Serbia, but I seem utterly immobilised. Guh.

BTW, I found this on Flickr; a nice series of snaps showing work by that guy who was decorating discarded gum blobs a few months ago. I heard somewhere that he's stopped for the moment, after getting a lot of police harassment.Does anyone know if he's still active?


Ain't they grand?
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