April 1st, 2006


I'm Booked...

Oh Christ, I'm so demented...It came to £161, with all the taxes, etc. BUT, apart from fags and goodies for R in exchange for cat & flat sitting duties, I don't have to buy anything while I'm there, or,thanks to generosity of Charles, Sasa, et al, pay for a room.Transport and food are
very, very cheap, so it's not quite as wild as it seems. 'Wild' (sigh-)There are legions of people around who wouldn't blink at spending that much for dinner out...
I had an outstandingly weird exchange with the guy on the JAT booking line. He sounded absolutely furious, like I'd interrupted him in mid-row, or something, (maybe I did-) and snapped menacingly at me throughout the conversation until I gave him my 'name and title as on credit card!'. I think it must have dawned on him that I was a woman, then, and he suddenly went into heavy Balkan-flirt mode. It was so odd, I wish I had it on tape. JAT is pretty surreal all around, but as cheap flights go, I don't find them any worse than the others.
Ohhhh Lordy, I'm going to Serbia again.
I went to the launderette , and spent nearly two quid on the driers. When I left, the stuff was still bloody wet, but I wasn't going to give them any more. Fap. The actual wash costs £3 nowadays, and the driers have always been robbery. Can't complain, though. Very few people actually use launderettes now, so I guess I'm lucky to have one, fairly close at hand.
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