March 30th, 2006


Gettin' It On In Babylon...

There's a song on the gym tape loop that, when it comes up, gets every head going in a sort of David Byrne geek motion. From what I can make out, it seems to deal with the nocturnal activities of 'sexy women from Babylon'. It's maddeningly catchy.
It was steaming hot in there, too, so maybe I sweated off an extra calorie or two. Yay me!
I've been uncertain, but after last night's episode (not to mention their continuity cameos-) I am now utterly convinced that these people are actors. It.Cannot.Be.Real. Nooo way!

I don't normally look at THE APPRENTICE, as I just can't relate to these people or their entepreneur-y ambitions at all. I can get into BIG BROTHER, as however freakish and repugnant the housemates are, I can identitfy with the desire to escape from lives of hopeless dayjobbing or worse, and breadline boredom to glory in lucrative 'celebrity'.
All these suited and booted dorks aspiring to bloody tycoonhood are just too boring. I noticed one girl, while surfing, who looked like a frightened but angry fish, and vaguely interested me for a second, but I went back last night, and she was already gorn. 'Jo' an audience favourite, copped it this time. I hadn't seen her past performances, but she seemed like one of those frightful 'I'm mad, me-' types. Sir Sugar, though, seemed a bit soft on her, and bawled 'You're fired!' with the slightest twinge of regret.Kill them all, I say.
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