March 28th, 2006


Brain Spasms Galore...

Still haven't booked my flight, but I think I'm going to. I can have the use of the flat in Belgrade for a few days...Really, it costs so little to eat and get around there, I'd probably spend less than in London. I'm scared, though. I guess I've learned to kinda assume every decision I make will be the wrong one.
I feel so unwell, though, it's past a joke. Getting up in the morning and staying awake all day has become a problem, much less doing anything else. I guess this is the payback for my recent minor creativity spurt.
I think I got one panel drawn today.
There was Benefit Reform Stuff on the radio again, which always frightens me.Meep!
You'd think I'd at least feel physically perkier, but no. I can barely put one ten-ton foot in front of another. Oboy.
My MEMORIES FOR TOMORROW Jean-Louis Barrault book arrived, and when i opened it, I got a noseful of that damp, musty old library-book smell, which is rare these days, but I actually quite like. It's an offcast from a Welsh library, actually.
Funny the things you remember... I read the book 20-odd years ago, and thought this was curious... When Barrault met his wife Madeleine Renaud, he instantly got the hots for her because here forearms reminded him of brioches! That's something that stayed in my mind,and it's actually in there.
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