March 27th, 2006


Supermarkets, Vet, Wet & Windy...

Tedious, stressful shopping, annoyance at having to get bulky items for R, including a LIDL special digital kitchen scale to keep tabs on Pippin the rabbit's weight.
Later, it was her turn to suffer, assisting with the Wotan-capture stressfest. Thankfully, all went well. He's even gained a little weight. He was due for his booster shot (sigh-) and another batch of meds. £60 in all. Hey, I'm supposed to live for the week on that! Oh well, I don't care, as long as the little sod stays fit. It's always such a relief when it's over, too. Bliss.
Still dunno what to do about Serbia.
I'm cold. It's nearly April, but I'm still putting the heat on at night, dammit. Can't afford this.
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