March 23rd, 2006


Dogwalking Blues...

Strangeness...I'm completely crippled up after venturing to the Common yesterday. The walk is maybe a mile and a half each way, but after several weeks off, for various reasons, I'm aching and creaking as if I'd never done it.
The fishing pond was full of randy bird activity, although it was still freezing. The coots were being entertainingly crazy, with their comical noises, etc, ducks and geese were furling and flapping a lot, *and* the hermit heron actually came out of his foliage 'cave' where he usually just stands stiffly staring out, looking like Samuel Beckett. He flew back and forth several times, to take bread from a drunk old man. Several witnesses, including myself, got quite a buzz out of it.
There was a frightening dogfight. For some reason, the usually ultra-gentle Milo led an attack on a poor crippled Labrador. It had a funny,awkward walk, and I guess that freaked the other dogs out. No injuries, but it wasn't a pretty sight.(Just like humans, if it's 'different', they wanna demolish it.)
Oh God, I suppose I should go to the gym...I'm probably just making myself 'worse', though. I dunno...
I've nearly finished that script I was illustrating for GIRLY. It sucks, of course, but I've done it reasonably quickly at least.
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