March 22nd, 2006


Stupid Thriller...

Due to the fact that I kept snoozing throughout both parts of THE BEST MAN on ITV, I have very little idea of what was going on, but am mildly curious as to how it all worked out.
The last things I remember were a flashback to the body of Michael's teen chav lover being discovered, and the drippy wife being traumatised by her cat supposedly being tortured by maniac on the phone.
Can anyone fill me in? Who was 'Miller' exactly? Was it Michael doing all the psycho stuff? I hope the cat came out of it all right...

If I'd still had SKY I could have just watched BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA, and not got involved. *Sigh*...

I suppose I must try to go dogwalking today.We haven't been for weeks, due to weather, dogs being on holiday, etc.
I knocked myself out at the gym yesterday, and am now all achyowie,although I know it's futile... I just find it impossible to accept that I keep on doing all this and nothing happens. I guess it's an old age thing.
I have an excellently appropriate 'Wu-name!'...Lazy-Ass Destroyer! I tried again, and got 'Ol' Mucky Terrahawk'. The thing knows me...
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