March 19th, 2006


Po' Folks' Grumble...

I was just empathising with crunchcandy because she, too, is penniless. Like me, all she has indoors to eat is pasta...which is fine, if that's what you feel like eating. My urge tonight is to demolish a good 'Chinese', with vegetarian pancake rolls, Monk's vegetables, flied lice, and possibly something pricey involving King Prawns and cashew nuts...delivered piping hot to my door by inscrutably handsome young man with clean fingernails.
I could probably polish off a full tub of pista kulfi later on, after 'Chinese restaurant syndrome' has kicked in.

Watched HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, which I may have seen before; it's one of those films you forget immediately. The 50's version, with Vincent Price and skellingtons on pulleys was scarier, fer feck's sake.

Also watched RESIDENT EVIL, which was very similar, actually; just totally pointless lameness. Lots of meaningless people run around a lot, through corridors and stuff,in the process of dying 'orrible. Everyone looks alike.

I've never played the game. Maybe it helps if you have, but I doubt it.
Mila Jovovich has only one expression (staring with mouth slightly open). No good.
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Er...No Frakin' Way...

You scored as Capt. Lee Adama (Apollo). You have spent your life trying to life up to and impress your Dad, shame he never seemed to notice. You are a stickler for the rules. But in matters of loyalty and honour you know when they have to be broken.


Capt. Lee Adama (Apollo)


Tom Zarek


Dr Gaius Baltar


Lt. Kara Thrace (Starbuck)


Col. Saul Tigh


Lt. Sharon Valerii (Boomer)


CPO Galen Tyrol


Commander William Adama


President Laura Roslin


Number 6


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