March 17th, 2006


Dreadful Lezbean Romance...

charlottecooper mocked this thing so amusingly that I fancied a look at it. She was kind enough to oblige, and I now offer to pass it on to the first to provide a postal address.
It's called CYNARA, and is only, thank the gods, forty minutes long. Most of those minutes involve crashing waves, saccharine music,simpering/flirting on horseback, canoodling discreetly by candlelight, etc...One girl's supposed to be Byron, I think. It's fucking chronic, but there are some laughs, Don't forget to watch the self-congratulatory credits. Ohhh, Charlotte, you were so right.
I had to bloody wait in for the postman again. There doesn't seem to be any concierge on duty downstairs this week, so I keep getting bloody notices of undeliverable packets. It was afternoon, by the time I could get out, and instead of going to the gym, I schlepped around in the cold and dank doing errands,which is good, as I got some boring stuff out of the way, but I really 'should' have been at the gym.
What's this about eight horses killed at Cheltenham this week? Hell, that's bad.
The heat's coming on now, but I still feel chilled to da bone. Did some drawing, anyway.
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