March 16th, 2006


I'm A Bit Bored...

So might as well badmouth Tracey Emin for a while. I saw her on TV last night talkin' trash about baybeez, creativity and not getting paid as much as male artists (poor multimillionaire diddums-). Not terribly interesting.
I don't know why I always feel compelled to have a go. I can hardly criticise her for churning out sloppy, repetitive, wallowy stuff about her spiritual agonies, etc... Of course, I *can* be cheesed off that she's managed to bags fortune and fame from it... Bah.
I also object to the fact that she can be that rich and go around in such a monstrously unflattering coat all the time. The style is like mortal-sin Wrong, and it looks like it was made from an old bedspread, although it probably cost about £2,000.
Maggi Hambling (one of Trace's interviewees-)is one seriously fine-looking woman, though, and she is very welcome to take me for a cruise in her Bentley and try to 'turn' me, any old time. Cackle.
It's another creepy, clammy day. I went to the creepy, clammy gym. Nobody I've spoken to knows what happened at the Clapham Picture House the other night, dammit. I may be compelled to buy THE SOUTH LONDON PRESS tomorrow, and see if they mention it.
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Have I mentioned that the LIDL 'specials' this week included a big bin full of whips ?
(It was 'riding equipment' week again at the Clapham Junction branch...always pretty odd.)