March 15th, 2006


Poor Old Kenny...

Saw the marvellous FANTABULOSA the other night. Anyone who didn't should try and catch a repeat; it really is a brilliant piece of work, with an outstandingly effective performance from Michael Sheen.
It's such a tragic tale, though, I found it quite unsettling. (I can always utterly relate to people who are into bigtime self-loathing.) It's strange that these people (except me, of course...) are often so very gifted and/or attractive.
I once knew this highly talented orchestral player/teacher of very refined aesthetic sensibilities, and I was shocked when I first visited her flat, which was much like the representation of Kenneth Williams' place...extremely drab colours, a few uncomfortable sticks of dreary furniture, no 'character' whatsoever. She was the same about clothes, just the cheapest shit she could find to cover her shame; no interest at all in what it looked/felt like. She used to have cold baths, too, to save money, although, my my standards, she was wealthy... Why am I thinking of this gal? We lost touch years ago.
Anyway, I'm glad I'm not that extreme, but in some ways, I'm very like these people, I guess that's why I felt like crying over the sorrows of wretched Ken. Anything involving Joe Orton is always upsetting, too, so very young, gifted, hott and dead. Why oh why? etc. Fap...
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Well, I'll Be Jiggered...

I'm just starting Gavin Badderley's LUCIFER RISING, have come across a reference to the original Cathar sect (which I'd never heard of...the Bogomils!). They believed that Satan created man by vomiting into an empty human vessel that was lying around. They were, of course against reproduction, and it seems the word 'buggery' is derived from 'Bogomil'. I say.
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