March 11th, 2006


Still Indoors...

Rather ashamed, as it doesn't look like I'm going to the THING after all.
I just can't spare the dosh. No excuse, because yesterday I went into my local bookshop, where I saw an interesting biog of Janis Joplin half price for a fiver. Now, I often pop into this place and sniff around, snaffle a PINK PAPER etc, but almost never buy anything, for obvious reasons.
I felt a bit guilty, and thought how I'll quite miss that little shop when it almost inevitably closes down, so on impulse, I thought I'd show a little solidarity. Hence I was left with nothing to spend on comix.
I know I 'should' go anyway, just to look around, and say hello, but so far, I can't force myself. Maybe later...

Shit, Milosevic has been found dead in his cell, it seems...The news is just coming in. They think it's natural causes, though. He looked quite healthy, but evidently had a lot of heart problems, etc. So it goes. Wonder what this portends, if anything?
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