March 7th, 2006


Crap Day...

Bloody Raw weather, got all wet & chilled. Had to go to dreary Streatham for an assessment at the comminity loon-care place. That was a drag and a half. BUT there is some chance of getting some 'art therapy', which I think would be really interesting, at least, so fingers crossed. I really don't want to sit in a yakking - 'bout- my pain group with other depressives, and such; been there and done all that stuff many times, uselessly.
Then, as I was right in front of the Streatham Leisure Centre, I thought I'd go do my penance there. It's crap, as bad as Clapham; maybe a bit worse. More stairs,more gloomy corridors, not as many weights machines. The cycle seats are excessively cruel, too. Owwwww, me buttocks!
Busses were few and slow, and it felt very cold, in the glomming rain, although it wasn't, really.
Ivor Cutler's dead.
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